I Do Vegas Pt. 3


If you found an outfit you really, really liked but it was from an online boutique named “Hot Miami Styles” would you still buy it? That was the situation I was faced with when I found a two piece dress (which I had been searching for, for weeks) on a fashionably sketchy site.

IMG_4095It’s always risky ordering online from a store you have no experience with.  But the price was reasonable enough that I wouldn’t be too devastated if it turned out bad.  In the end the quality was decent and I was able to pull of the look I had envisioned.


{Looking very giant-like}


I Do Vegas Pt. 2

IMG_4034Every once in a while you run across a piece so wonderful you wouldn’t dream of leaving it in the store yet don’t know exactly when you’ll wear it.  That was the case for this graphic printed bathing suit coverup.  A little too over the top for the average day at the beach or pool, I finally found the perfect place to wear it on my 2nd day in Las Vegas.

IMG_4033{Cover-Up: H&M, Sandals: Vince Camuto, Suit: Victoria’s Secret}

IMG_4059It took us a while to settle in at The Palms pool where rapper Ludacris was having a party. There was no chance of finding beach chairs to sit in and the direct sun was to be avoided at all costs.  We finally plopped down in a little corner of a wading pool and had a blast.

IMG_4051{Our Corner}

IMG_4068{Top: Lotus Boutique, Skirt: Zara, Shoes: Zara}

That night we headed to Caesar’s Palace to gamble.  My winnings? $0.11.  Blame it on the penny slots.  Risk small win small.  I Do Vegas Pt 3 later.

I Do Vegas Pt. 1

IMG_4129Please don’t let the lack of posts over the past few weeks here on Untitled(1986) make you think I don’t love my blog.  She’s still my boo!  There have just been lots of changes going on in my life (job, city, sanity) so I prioritized and can you believe posting pics of my favorite outfits fell into the not so important list?  But I’m back now y’all.  And what better way to make a comeback then with a post straight from the Sin City (for a bachelorette trip). But first…how I got there!


{Blazer: Stella & Jamie, Dress: Arden B., Hat: BCBG, Scarf: DVF}

Isn’t airport attire ridiculously important?  I like to be a little jazzy when I take to the friendly skies. And warm…hence the blazer even though I was heading to 105+ temps. IMG_3966

IMG_3986You’re now witnessing what happens when three girls who are trying to make it to Nevada from Georgia end up in Wisconsin.  Really Southwest??  But we don’t let nonsensical and long (3 hours!) layovers get us down.

IMG_4001{Dress: Bebe, Shoes: Zara, Necklace Vince Camuto}

After being upgraded to a penthouse and recovering from a day of travel we headed out for our first night in Vegas to Tao Restaurant and Nightclub.    IMG_4019Hey did you happen to notice my hair “grew” since my last post?  Yea that was a bit of a pet project I took on the day before the trip.  I’ll tell you all about it later but first, up next…I Do Vegas Pt. 2.



The Magic City Art Connection Festival was held this past weekend in Downtown Birmingham.  Very different than last year where I sweat off a few pounds.  Instead, this time around, the festival was on an overcast cool spring day.  Much more enjoyable weather to be outdoors.


{Shirt: F21; Skirt: H&M; Shoes: Sam Edelman; Bag: Zara; Watch: Marc Jacobs; Bracelet: Vince Camuto}

IMG_3503I’ve been eating a lot better and exercising more consistently lately (which explains my ability to fit in this skirt which had gotten…snug) but I couldn’t resist a treat from Steel City Pops.  And I treated my Pops to one too.  Tamarind for me, blackberry for him.


I was going to jump. But my photographer caught this instead which is, clearly, a million times better than any jumping shot could ever be.

IMG_3519{After fest drink at 5}